To sip or tip… The dreadful expiry date on wine

Wine Margaret RiverThe dreadful expiry date on wine

It’s a sad fact, but it’s unfortunately true. Wine goes off after it has been opened. If someone pulls out a half opened bottle of wine at a dinner party and they say they had it leftover from the previous week (or month!), then you need to back away very quickly!

As soon as oxygen hits a wine (even through a teeny tiny break in the seal) the flavour will die, the aromas with fade and soon enough you’ll have a vinegar perfect for cooking with. So here is a quick 101 guide to how long certain wines can keep for after they’ve been opened.

Obviously each wine is unique in its own special way so the below figures are merely guidelines for you to keep in mind.

Still Red/White/Rose – 2-3 days maximum once opened
Champagne & Sparkling – Drink ASAP, 1 day maximum (however a Champagne stopper will help keep it for a day or so longer)
Fortified (i.e. Port/Sherry) – Due to the higher sugar and alcohol content in fortified wine, sherry will last for about a week once opened and a port generally around the 2-4 week mark

But wait, there are some sneaky tips and tricks you can do to help extend the life of your precious wine just that wee bit longer:
– Keep it cold, as this will slow down the chemical process.
– Re-cork it after every pour with its original seal or use a really tight bottle stopper
– Store it upright so there is minimal surface area exposed to oxygen

– Casey Ewers –

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